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You look upon the multitude of loose notes, notebooks, electronic documents, digital spreadsheets either piling on your desk or scattered among your hard drive and you think, there must be a better way. Model Based Systems Engineering, at its essence, is built on a coherent source of truth from which you can slice and dice all you want but the truth remains. Why not apply the MBSE approach not only to Systems, those man-made things of steel, electrons and bytes, but to Knowledge itself?

There are many excellent Books of Knowledge out there including the Project Management BOK (PMBOK), Systems Engineering BOK (SEBOK) and the biggest of them all, Wikipedia, however they have some fundamental deficiencies not because of their content but because architecture - an architecture built around documents.

Documents and webpages are views of information from particular viewpoints (for example look up 'trigonometry' on wikipedia), maybe asking slightly different questions (and offering the answer) about the the main topic. Deficiencies of a document, connected or otherwise, include:

  1. Change management and propagation is difficult
  2. Inevitable inconsistencies between terms and definition (e.g. processes, frameworks, methods)
  3. Static nature of documents means that a reader would need to either 'stitch' together different viewpoints, 'generalize' a document if too specific or 'specialize' a document if too general. Rarely would you find a document that satisfies your use case.

Our vision is to transform how knowledge is delivered, not through a collection of documents but through a Model of Knowledge (MoK) that supports different views so that a master and an apprentice can examine the same class of problems from different perspectives and gain understanding.

Though I have a model editor native to my PC I have not yet identified how to upload that model on Fitzgerald Systems. Knowing the deficiencies of BoKs I readily admit that documents are better than nothing at all and with this in mind I take a step back from the above vision to then create and maintain this wiki as a means to organize and consolidate the knowledge that I have gained. With content readily available I will at an undisclosed time, migrate this BoK to the MoK. A thousands miles start with a single step.

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