The Story

The Systems Engineering community has an enormous challenge in front of it and that is… where is the Engineering?

Do you find that resources on Systems Engineering confuse the domain with Engineering Management and not the engineering of systems? Do you find that resources on Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) focus on modeling and less on actual systems engineering?

You are not alone.

Fitzgerald Systems was founded as a means to address this challenge by applying and teaching engineering methods to better understand and effectively design simple, complicated and complex systems.

Fitzgerald Systems’ Vision is

  • To provide a stronger foundation on top of which the Systems Engineering community will more confidently engineer elegant systems; and
  • To enable the present and future Systems Engineering community to further their professional objectives with the application of knowledge.

Fitzgerald Systems’ Mission is

  • To develop and apply robust engineering frameworks for the design and analysis of Systems; and
  • To provide noise-free and objective-driven training for the current and future Systems Engineering community.

Fitzgerald Systems was founded by Terry Fitzgerald. Terry has 15+ years in Engineered-to-Order industry ranging from industrial cooling towers to automated high-precision inspection cells for the automotive industry, from multi-phase flow meters for oil wells to railway transportation.

Terry is currently the Domain Leader for Train Systems Engineering at a major rolling stock developer and is the president of the INCOSE Canada Chapter.

Terry’s credentials include:

  • Chartered Engineering (CEng) registered in the UK;
  • CSEP (INCOSE© Certified Systems Engineering Professional); and
  • Certified OMG© SysML Advanced Model Builder.

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